Trenton Mennonite Church

A big WELCOME to Shon Morgan, Music Coordinator for Trenton Mennonite!

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Welcome to Trenton Mennonite – I’m glad you stopped by our website! Whether you

are new to the community and are surfing the web in search of a church or one of our
longtime members just checking in to remind yourself of what’s going on, I hope you
will find what you are looking for.

At Trenton Mennonite you will find a group of warm and friendly people who enjoy
being together. But more importantly you will find a group of people committed and
dedicated to being followers of Jesus Christ and serving Him through the church.

If you are new to this community you may feel a little leery of us because of the name
“Mennonite.” Perhaps at some point in your life you’ve heard some things about
Mennonites and it leaves you wondering what you might find should you stop in to
worship with us on a Sunday morning. Let me just say there are many different kinds of
Mennonite churches and many different ways of expressing faith in our God. Perhaps I
could give you a quick snapshot of Trenton Mennonite by addressing this list of FAQ:

No, our members do not ride to church in a horse and buggy.
No, our men do not all sport long beards while dressed in black.
No, our women do not come to worship wearing prayer veils and long dresses.
Yes, we do enjoy arriving early on Sunday morning for a good breakfast and fellowship.
Yes, casual dress is perfectly acceptable.
Yes, our worship services are highlighted by heartfelt congregational singing and
preaching from God’s Word.
I hope this gives you just enough of a peek to make you curious. I’d love for you to learn
more about us; feel free to give me a call or stop in sometime during the week if you see
me around the Church. But best of all, I invite you to join us for worship on a Sunday
morning and meet the wonderful people who call Trenton Mennonite their church home!

Pastor Ron Wenzel